Personal Shelf Inspector
App for visually impaired people 

Personal Shelf Inspector is an application which helps visually impaired people during their daily life shopping.

The current prototype is a web application that reads the price and product name from a price tag.

Application is based on the similar neural network as the commercial Shelf.

A visually impaired person only needs his smartphone to use our app. The algorithm selects the price tag that is closest to the centre of the photo and sends it to the model, which reads the price and product name on the price tag. It then returns this information back to the application, where it appears as text on the screen. The voice-over built in the user's mobile phone reads this text aloud.

The application won first prize at Microsoft AI Accessibility Hackathon.

We are developing the app to help the blind to navigate through the shop, notify them about discounts and read from a live video.

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Video about Personal Shelf Inspector
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