Cut-down cost & seamlessly monitor your retail data!

Did you know that traditional ways of shelf display inspection are in 15-40% of cases invalid?

Moreover, they are inefficient and hard to implement. Delivering your products to customers in supermarkets is a never-ending and challenging process.


Ensuring constant on-shelf availability is impossible without precise and objective tracking. 


Shelf Inspector accurately answers these questions and many more 

How do your retail partners display your products? 

Are your products priced as they should be?

What are your actual shelf shares?


How does it work? 

Shelf Inspector is a mobile app & a powerful tool for merchandisers, sales reps and managers. It analyses positioning, out-of-stock, pricing and more from a photo. Works with all kinds of packaging and placement.

We enable brands to take control of both their and competitive products are displayed and promoted in stores.

Screenshots from the Shelf Inspector app

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Shelf Inspector app: search filters and the dashboard


What our clients say?

"Thanks to Shelf Inspector, our merchandisers can use their store check for value-added tasks. Another benefit is our ability to monitor the prices of competitive products. We even receive alerts, in case a price drops or rises unexpectedly."

Petra Diamond, CMO Red Bull CZ&SK

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Check the article about Shelf Inspector on Microsoft News!



Price tag detection

stock-keeping unit (SKU) recognition

Shelf share monitoring

Competition monitoring

Misplaced price tag identification

Identification of recently launched products

Hand-written price tags analysis

Shelf Inspector in numbers:


Accurate in 97% of cases, that is approximately 8x more than a human


Saves up to 80% of sales representative time per visit (proven by an internal study)


Analysed data synchronised with your cloud within 20 seconds from taking the photo

Shelf Inspector is subscription-based and scalable to almost any product

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